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What is a Humanitarian Parole Visa?

When coming to the U.S. from another country, there are three ways a person may enter:

  • For their work;
  • Through a family member; or,
  • With a humanitarian visa.

Individuals facing potential life-threatening situations in their country or who have no other visa option available to them could be eligible for a humanitarian parole visa as anyone is eligible to apply for this visa.

Reasons to Apply for a Humanitarian Parole Visa

There are many reasons for applying for a humanitarian parole visa with the most significant being for an urgent humanitarian reason. Examples of this include:

  • Pressing circumstances for an individual;
  • How those circumstances affect an individual’s overall wellbeing or welfare;
  • The potential suffering an individual may endure if they are not granted this type of visa;
  • Providing care or support for a family member near the end of their life; and,
  • The individual needs immediate medical care.

What Does Parole Mean?

In this situation, being on parole means that an individual is allowed into the United States for a designated period. It is up to Homeland Security to determine how long that period is but it is usually no longer than a year.

Having a humanitarian parole visa does not mean that individuals are formally admitted into the United States but rather gives them the opportunity to be in the U.S. and begin exploring other immigration routes.

Applying for a Humanitarian Parole Visa

Individuals wanting to apply (also known as petitioners) for a humanitarian parole visa will need to complete Form I-131. Additionally, individuals will need a sponsor who will provide financial support to the individual if they are granted a humanitarian parole visa. The sponsor must be able to prove to U.S. officials that they will have the financial resources available to support the petitioner and complete an affidavit of support.

What Murray Osorio PLLC Can Do To Help

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